Why DMS ?



Designed to give you customised logistics solutions.

Our management systems give you the information you need, on-demand.


Pickup to delivery tracking
Automated Warehousing
Customer API Interface
Customer Portal for Inventory & job tracking
Mobile Web App

We use our technology to create robust and cost-effective solutions. If you have a specific task we will design a management system to suit your needs.

Customisation is the key to efficient logistics. We provide a customised portal for your business logistics. We provide statistics so that you can see exactly who is viewing what, when and how often.

Shipment Status

  • View consignment data in real-time by directly interrogating your system.
  • Authorised users can find their consignment data simply and quickly.
  • A powerful search engine lets your customers search for specific consignments from a comprehensive array of options including your own references.
  • Consignment data details are colour-coded for an intuitive at-a-glance overview of the current status.
  • Detailed consignment information, clearly displayed and relevant to the transport mode.
  • Customs information, clearance dates, entry numbers, etc.
  • Shipping container information, container number, size, type, seal number, etc.
  • Delivery details, name and address information, proof of delivery details, etc.
  • Warehouse information, date of receipt, supplier details, pieces, weight, etc.
  • Milestone events, bespoke shipment status messages
  • View online documents.

Inventory Stock Management

  • We’ve developed the warehousing features in BoxTop to the level where you can now offer online visibility to your customers, not only can they view what stock is being held but also the precise location, even if you subcontract your warehousing requirements or have multiple sites.
  • View real-time stock details and export data into Excel.
  • Your customers can keep up to date with their stock levels.
  • You can search for specific stock and view stock movement history.
  • You can pick your own warehouse stock items online.
  • DMS systems automatically creates a pick list for your warehouse workforce and will send you an email notification of the pick details, so you’re always kept up to date.
  • Track the progress of their activity by accessing the pick stock details screen.

Job Booking

  • Work smarter not harder.
  • With our on-line job booking feature you can allow your customers to create the jobs they want you to handle.
  • Save your own address and regular consignee addresses automatically so it’s very easy for them too.
  • We even create an immediate tracking link allowing your customer to provide details to the consignee or other interested party so they can keep up to date on the consignment’s progress and final delivery.
  • Avoids double keying ensuring data accuracy and saves you time.
  • Once created bookings will automatically appear in our Portal.
  • Users are also able to generate an email notification to relevant parties.
  • Automatically creates a tracking link which can be provided to third parties, so all those interested can check on the progress of the consignment on-line.

These are just some of the examples we can tailor to suite your logistic needs. Call us now on +44 (0)20 8897 1766.

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